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The Agile Marketing Automation Platform

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ACTITO is one of a kind. It stands out from the rest of the market with its unrivalled characteristics: extremely powerful and yet easy to use. We built our Marketing Automation suite with the needs of marketers in mind.

They will be able to make use of the full power of ACTITO in a matter of minutes. We have made high setup and learning costs a thing of the past. 





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Interact consistently with each customer through his preferred channel

As a marketeer, your main challenge is to permantly adapt to your customer’s and prospect. They intereact with your brand through a wide range of channels that keep evolving: web, e-mail, mobile phones, tablets, social media or event print sometimes.

To help you take the challenge, ACTITO has built an Agile Marketing Automation Platform that adapts to your needs. Powerful, agile and easy to use, the ACTITO platform will help you manage the various channels to follow your customers’ journey and interact at the best moment. The automated campaigns and scenarios enable you to be more relevant in your marketing activities and adapt your messages in real time.



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Marketing Software Marketers love to use

ACTITO's large set of functionnalities has become an integrated part of the professional life of hundreds of  marketers. This is why we have put a lot of effort into building a sotware that marketers would  love to use. Actito is not only powerful and easy to use, it is beautiful and fun.

We’re convinced marketing technology is made to be at the service of users and not the other way around. 


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Transform data into opportunities with ACTITO’s GDPR-ready Customer Data Platform

ACTITO’s GDPR-ready Customer Data Platform instantly records your customers’ and prospects’ behaviour and interaction, whatever the channel they use.  A dashboard shows you a 360° view of your combined client data with their online purchase history or even their interactions on social media platforms for example. ACTITO continuously cleans, enriches and standardizes your data to keep your database up to date.

Whatever the complexity of your database, select the information you need for your campaign in just a few seconds.

Did you need an analysis or a in-depth report? Your personalized reports are only a few clicks away.

Adapt your content to the moment and the contact person

Be as personal as the grocery shop around the corner! ACTITO keeps track of your clients’ interactions to give you a precise overview of their needs and interests.

The ACTITO customization engine enables you to automatically adapt the content at every step of the customer journey and eventually encourage conversion.

Build constructive dialogues 

Stop adopting the same approach for all of your contacts. Use every client information that ACTITO puts at your disposal in order to engage conversation with your clients and prospects by creating multichannel and personalized scenarios.

While ACTITO executes your campaigns, you can spend time building a real dialogue with your clients. The Marketing Automation functionalities of ACTITO ensure that every interaction is followed by a rapid reaction from your brand.

A unique client experience :

• Welcome your clients with personalized messages
• Recommend products and services based on navigation behaviour
• Identify and stimulate your contacts who abandoned their cart
• Use data history to foresee the behaviour

And many other marketing programs...

Optimize your marketing impact through multichannel campaigns  

The rise of new communication channels, increasing devices and change in consumer behaviour force you to adapt your marketing campaigns.

Use all of your client knowledge to choose the right communication channel for each contact and optimize your marketing campaigns. ACTITO’s communication channels offer you the possibility to launch highly personalized scenarios and campaigns.

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Turn your data into usable material and optimize your marketing activities 

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ACTITO offers advanced reporting functionalities that enable you to permanently have a complete view on the results of your campaigns.

Thanks to ACTITO’s careful rights management, you can easily share your reports and dashboards throughout your organization.







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