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One size does not fit all


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We understand that every industry has specific needs. This is why we have built vertical solutions combining our agile marketing automation platform and bespoke services to ensure that our clients exploit all the capabilities of ACTITO to get the best return on their marketing investments.

ACTITO for Retail  


In an ever more competitive environment, retailers are facing numerous challenges such as margin erosion, churn etc... Retailers need to take control of the customer journey through improving customer experience. The customer experience hinges on consistent, compelling, highly personalized communication across the entire customer lifecycle from awareness to engagement to conversion to brand loyalty. 

ACTITO offers a comprehensive solution for retailers helping them leverage existing data to offer a real omni-channnel experience to their customers.


ACTITO for e-Commerce  

ACTITO for E-commerce has been specially developped to offer e-retailers a complete control over their marketing activities from customer acquisition to cross-and up-selling.

ACTITO provides easy connection with the leading e-commerce platforms for push-button data integration and lets marketers access a large library of templates and pre-defined scenarios (cart abandonment, replenishment, anniversary...).

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ACTITO for Automotive  


The automotive sector is under constant pressure. ACTITO for Automotive combines software and service to provide car importers and dealers solutions to manage the complete consumer lifecycle from lead management and nurturing to re-purchase. ACTITO serves headquarters and dealerships with easy to master solutions. 

ACTITO for Media  


Traditional media moving towards digital face numerous hurdles: how to manage the tremedous amounts of data generated by consumers visiting onlines assests, how to keep control of the ever changing channel mix and how to monetize digital properties.

ACTITO for Media combines a set of tools that help media companies overcome these challenges: an integrated GDPR-ready Customer Data Platform combines first, second and third party data to segment audiences, a cutting-edge personalisation engine allows to provide consumer with relevant information and a custom adserving module allows to extract the full value of digital media.

ACTITO for Fundraising  


ACTITO has developed a specific solution for fundraising organizations in partnership with iRaiser.  It is aimed at helping these organizations maintain contact with donators through personalized email and mobile messages to improve the results of fundraising campaigns.

Its short set-up and very easy to use interface guarantees a fast return on investment.

ACTITO for Pharma  


With more than 80 clients in the pharmaceutical sector, we have developped a very deep understanding of the needs of this sector. ACTITO for Pharma offers the tools needed to automate lead management and close loop marketing.

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